Program Goal

As a member of this year’s CHANGEMAKERs class, participants will deepen their understanding of the education ecosystem through exposure to current and future issues impacting education in our city. CHANGEMAKERs will be engaging monthly in virtual and or in-person sessions as well as virtual school tours and activities.


The programming calendar runs from September-May. Commitments consists of:

    • 1 full-day convening with education experts from around the country to be held in early Fall;
    • participation in one excellent schools tour day (visiting 3 diverse school models);
    • attendance at one EBR School Board meeting;
    • 10 volunteer hours in a school or non-profit group serving students throughout the course of the cohort;
    • Spring culminating event

Programming will run from the announcement of the CHANGEMAKERS Group in the fall.

What is the purpose of the Education CHANGEMAKERS Group?

Quality educational options are key to the growth and vitality of our city. The goal of CHANGEMAKERS is to empower Baton Rouge community leaders from various constituencies with the knowledge and skills to address complex education issues and to work together to ensure access to an excellent school for every student in our community.

Through this forum, we seek to:

      • Heighten awareness and understanding of the community through exposure to current and future issues of importance facing education in Baton Rouge.
    • Empower leaders with a deep understanding of the educational challenges facing Baton Rouge so that they can effectively share that knowledge with others.

Upon program completion, CHANGEMAKERS will be positioned to:

      • Effectively communicate with parish leaders about issues related to education
    • Leverage time and resources in an impactful way to ensure increased educational opportunities for students

What is the Application Process?

Applicants from all segments of the community are encouraged to participate. The ideal class will include individuals with varied educational and cultural backgrounds, who live in various areas of the community. The class size is limited. Applicants who have been selected to participate will be notified by email. Applications not selected will be on file for consideration in the next program and for other NSBR engagement opportunities.

Applications for the 2020-2021 Cohort are now closed!