Leadership Team Collaborative


New Schools for Baton Rouge (NSBR) conducted Listening Tours in the spring of 2017 across schools serving North Baton Rouge students to gain insight into the experiences and needs of Baton Rouge area school leaders. This work was undertaken to inform how we support our schools in fulfilling the mission of NSBR and those with whom we partner to provide an excellent education to Baton Rouge students.

In response to the data and information gathered during the Listening Tour interviews, NSBR committed to implementing strategies that effectively promote leadership development and collaboration across schools. One key initiative NSBR advanced was the creation of three Baton Rouge area leadership collaboratives that are open to education leaders across all sectors – public, private, and parochial schools.

The Leadership Team Collaborative (LTC) provides school and district instructional leaders with a structured and productive space to learn, grow, and work together to improve educational outcomes for Baton Rouge students. Through content sessions that introduce new skills and concepts in leadership and collaborative work sessions centered around instructional practice, the collaborative promotes the development of culturally responsive, data-driven leadership that will drive teacher development and student achievement within Baton Rouge schools.


Collaborative Programming

NPA is a fellowship program that will prepare you to become an instructional and cultural leader — not merely a building manager. The National Principals Academy approach emphasizes individualized, job-embedded practice. You will learn how to analyze student data, effectively support educators, and create positive school culture. You’ll review your performance coaching and developing educators with Relay faculty members, practice new approaches, and immediately apply what you learn to your own school contexts.
Professional development sessions focus on instructional practices and leadership soft skills. Session topics include culturally responsive leadership and pedagogy, leading through influence, and change management.
Instructional Rounds provide opportunities to give and receive feedback on targeted areas of practice as determined by LTC members’ professional development goals.
Two “Excellent Schools Tours” – held Fall and Spring – allow members to observe quality schools in action and network with area education leaders.


Connect with the LTC

To learn more about this initiative, contact Director of School Strategy Kara Maggiore.
Meet the 2017 – 2018 Leadership Team Collaborative Cohort.