Apex Collegiate Academy host STEM Day

APEX Collegiate Academy held STEM Day Sunday afternoon for incoming students.

STEM Day was the first time future students and their families had a chance to view the brand new school opening in August.

After taking a tour of academy, the students and their families participated in different STEM Activities, enjoyed music from a DJ, and of course indulge in crawfish.

Apex Academy is a tuition free public charter school that is set to open in Scotlandville in August.

“Being someone who grew up in North Baton Rouge, I wanted to give kids in the area a quality school school in their community.” said Executive Director, Eric Lewis.

From the hallways to the classrooms, the college preparatory school is decorated with different universities’ paraphernalia to set a collegiate atmosphere.

As of now there are four classrooms that features: Southern University, Grambling State University, Howard University, and Dillard University.

APEX will welcome 120 sixth grade students for the initial school year. The academy is currently only open to students on the 6th grade level, but will add a new grade level each year until the school has all grades up to 12th.

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