About Miles

Miles Baquet joined the New Schools for Baton Rouge team in August 2020.  He previously served as Vice-Principal at Louisiana Key Academy, a school for students with Dyslexia, in Baton Rouge.  His 7 year tenure at LKA sparked his interest and passion for education. After beginning as a substitute teacher in 2013 shortly after graduating from LSU, he trained to become an Academic Math and Language Therapist.  Miles taught grades 2 – 6 and lead LKA’s Math and Enrichment Departments.  He worked with the Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center and Dyslexia Resource Center to train teachers in best practices in dyslexia therapy for the last 5 years.

Miles is a New Orleans native who comes from a family who has been in the restaurant industry for nearly 70 years, so naturally he loves to eat and loves to cook!  When he isn’t working to ensure that students in Baton Rouge know their options, you can find him in the kitchen.  He enjoys experimenting with new recipes and cuisines with his fiance, Theron.

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