About Tyler

A native of Baton Rouge from a family of leaders in education and healthcare, Tyler has spent the past 5 years working in education. Tyler has been afforded the opportunity to attend and work in a variety of schools, including private, charter, and public schools. Tyler has taught middle and high school science as well as  directed student activities and student recruitment efforts. Through her experiences in education, she focused on building relationships with various educational stakeholders, particularly students and their families.

Tyler earned her undergraduate degree in biological sciences from Loyola University of New Orleans. With roots grounded in and a deep love for Baton Rouge, she is passionate about driving and impacting positive change within Baton Rouge’s educational landscape. As a School Strategy Associate, Tyler will support work in recruiting and launching high quality schools as well as work with the Director of School Strategy to provide high-impact, data-driven support to school leaders across Baton Rouge.

An adamant believer that education is a true equalizer and that informed students and families can bring positive change to communities, Tyler is excited to join NSBR’s team in pursuit of increasing access to quality education for all students.

Tyler enjoys listening to podcasts, eating crawfish, speaking Japanese, and telling corny jokes.

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