By: Laura Siu-Nguyen

IDEA Innovation Parent Profile

“As long as they come here, they are going to learn new things that I can’t teach them, and my hope is that they understand the opportunities in the city and that they want a better and brighter future,” expressed Monica, an IDEA Innovation parent and mother of four. She enrolled her four children at IDEA back in 2018: Mason in Kindergarten, Matthew in 1st grade, Mariah in 2nd grade, and Michael in 3rd grade. She wanted to give IDEA Innovation a chance after going through two other schools in the past that didn’t meet her expectations for her children. 

As a single mother working two jobs to sustain her family, Monica said she wanted to find a school that will be able to give the attention that her children need to succeed. She loves that IDEA Innovation is able to be patient, and hands on with students. She understands that her children have gone “through a lot” and that its very hard for teachers to work with her students because of the environment that they deal with on a day to day. However, at IDEA Innovation, she says she has experienced staff and faculty that truly cares about the well being of her students, and throughout the year, she has seen a big improvement in Mariah and Michael.

Monica says Mariah used to be the girl who would play around, and would not care about school. She would get in trouble, and would not listen, and will be sent home for detention.  At IDEA Innovation, Mariah truly found herself caring about school. Mariah’s favorite class is art, and she is able to express herself more through painting and drawing which reignited a desire to come back to school because of one class. She is taking her studies more serious, and wishes to one day become someone to provide for her family.

Monica explains that in previous school environments, Michael didn’t speak a lot and he got in trouble because he didn’t answer any questions. At IDEA, he is all for it. He understands what it is that he is asked for, and he is able to elaborate answers to questions. His favorite book is “Pete the Cat” and likes to spend time playing football.

Monica says IDEA made it possible for her to stay in Baton Rouge because she sees the impact that the school has on her children. They are more enthusiastic about coming to school and they love to learn. For that, she is grateful.

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