Emerge School for Autism

Three students attend the Emerge Center under New Schools for Baton Rouge’s Excellence Scholarship Fund. Emerge strives to provide each student with the support needed to reach his/her individual potential, recognizing that each young child is special and has a unique learning style. Emerge believes that every child deserves to thrive in a structured, nurturing environment. Emerge offers a number of tuition-based School Readiness programs for children around Baton Rouge ages 3-7 with developmental delays, such as Autism, Apraxia, or other speech-language or learning deficits which could impede transition to a school environment. These programs feature very small classes (less than 12 children) with support from student therapy aides, and run ve days a week on a school calendar. These classes aim to prepare children to be as independent as possible in their eventual, least-restrictive school placement.