By: Laura Siu-Nguyen

Student Profile: Amira Flowers

Amira Flowers is an inquisitive 5th grade student at Lanier Elementary. Amira’s mother enrolled her at Lanier Elementary at the start of her 2nd grade year after being impressed by the school’s  passionate employees during a recruitment fair. She believes that the power of that choice has allowed her to access a better education for her daughter. Amira loves to read the Diary of the Wimpy Kid and enjoys after school programs such as dance and drawing. 

One of Amira’s favorite Lanier memories her science class where she was able to plant seeds in the garden in the spring and study them as they grew. It was a very “interesting” experience, she said. 

“I want to make things right for the community I live in, and that is why I want to be a lawyer. I want to show people that you have to respect every single person’s beliefs, and to do the right thing,” said Amira.  She plans to change the world one step at a time.


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